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I'm not sure what the hell interface design has to do with monitor resolutions. I tend to agree that there are problem with older software on more modern hardware, the systems I use day-to-day don't work well on my widescreen displays for example. However, I would be seriously surprised if the reason that monitor manufacturers stopped making 16:10 monitors was due to people moaning about interfaces not working on them.

Really, by now monitors ought to be generally 16:10, or similar, and at least 2560×1600.

Oh, and if you're making an interface which can't be customised or, at the very least, scaled in DPI to fit higher resolutions then you're doing it wrong. I can't think of a single application under Linux I have tried on my displays (16:10 and 4:3 on my desktop and 16:9 on my laptops) which isn't adaptable -- and that's thanks to clever and thoughtful developers.

Sorry, perhaps I missed a deeper point in your post.

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