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You are right of course, but see my reply to a fellow commentard further up, about why one aspect of this remains so.

Resolutions can't get any higher for the 24" monitors. What people need now are 36" monitors, but even then, at a comparable resolution, many people would not be able to see the guis for their programs/plugins. Also, there is the space issue and many people have no space for a 36" on their ikea workstation in the spare bedroom, kind of thing.

The whole thing is in stasis.

However, there is no excuse for technology that is cheaper to manufacture now than it was 10 years ago, costing as much. But that is marketing for you. It's the main demographic for most users, so prices will stay at the 'sweet spot' for the mass majority and the so called 'early adopters' and 'power users', will pay a premium as well. Really, every one is getting gouged as usual. People buying the larger higher res screens should really get them cheaper as well, being leveraged by the prices of the mass market smaller screens.

It's win/win for them and lose/lose for us as usual. Weren't they caught price fixing this a few years ago? Or was that hard drives? Or computers in general? :-)

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