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Eyes on the prize: Ten 23-24-inch monitors for under £150

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The point the article makes about the BenQ is misleading.

BenQ give the option to purchase with a "height adjustment stand (HAS)" (Model: GL2450HT).

With HAS, this monitor is currently retailing for 155 GBP's on Amazon, without 108 GPB.

Given this is a 24-inch monitor capable of taking a standard VESA mount then a quality stand such as the Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Stand (part no. 33-310-060) (that can also pivot/pan) would suffice and that can be had for 41 GBP (obviously P&P extra on the above prices).

Beyond this all the monitors are identical and hence all could be mounted on the above Neo-Flex and deliver exactly the same landscape/portrait functionality as the BenQ, with the display being changed manually by the user via Windows... Personally, having had this capability for many years now, I'm disappointed that we've yet to see a mainstream monitor (in the 20~24 inch bracket) with the relevant sensor built in and a driver that can relay the orientation to Windows...

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