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Is this really good form

Is it really good form shout from the rooftops about a recently patched vulnerability and then reveal exactly how you can exploit it, literally a day after a patch has been announced, but knowing full well there are thousands, if not millions, of systems that are still unpatched, where some are likely to remain unpatched due to essential legacy software?

While I commend the security researchers for their work, I utterly damn them to hell for revealing the exact details of the exploit a mere day after the patch was released.

While I, like you, are always interested in the exact methodology, it's not always a good thing to make it public. In this case especially considering that it was simply one person who discovered the exploit, and yet now the whole world now knows about it, and can now use it.

While security through obscurity is generally an extremely bad idea, sometimes we need this obscurity thing to last a little longer.

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