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"California can go through that in no time."

Yep. Feeding the rest of the USA fresh veggies 24/7/365.25. Unfortunately, I suspect we only have enough fresh[0] H2O to feed CA at the moment (and THAT is sustainable, BTW ... will this drought force CA to finally secede? I would welcome the concept ... not certain I would enjoy the implementation, though).

One wonders if States East of the Rockies will pool their resources to ship their unwanted flood waters to California's reservoirs if this drought continues ... Should be a lot easier to run a couple water pipes across the center of the lower 48 than it was to pipe oil from Prudhoe to Valdez.

[0] We have the entire Pacific to draw from, but TheIdiotsInCharge[tm] didn't start building desalination plants back in the 1960s ...

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