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I have a very nice "smart" phone which even takes a 64GB card, namely the Samsung ch@t.

Despite multiple blunt force trauma events and two liquid encounters it just won't die, had to take it apart twice to fix the antenna but none of the base hardware has been changed.

Needless to say Samsung no longer sell these which is a great shame because they really are quite nice as the hotspot actually works properly unlike newer offerings.

If anyone happens to have a hacked FW that supports LTE please let me know, as apparently the chip in these can indeed support it but no new firmware available since late 2012.

It did show up an H+ but this is apparently regular 3G+

One issue I have with the S3,S4,S5 AND S6 is that the screens are much more delicate than they should be for such an expen$ive gadget.

Had at least a dozen people asking me in the last 3 months to fix broken S4 screens and a lot of those were internal damage to the OLED itself such as half dead or "creeping death syndrome" ie the glass to metal seal was cracked.

Perhaps Samsung should concentrate on fixing this really glaring problem before rushing out a £550+ phone which breaks the first time someone sits down with it in their back pocket.

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