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Pleasant hop across the pond on the clients dime

I've recently had the pleasure of making a trip to the US on the clients dime because THEIR global support team was having troubles with the submodule we make for them. By the time we actually got their (2 hour car journey, 9 hour plane ride and another 4 hours by car again) the team had decided waiting for us was going to take too long (What with the customer breathing down their neck and 5 to 6 figure losses for each day of standing around) and that maybe they should just use those service instructions they DID have. When we actually got there all the physical swapping work had been done, leaving me to just do the recovery and some basic testing and qualification. I spent the next few days in some safetymeetings (about those qualifications I or anyone else wasn't strictly licensed to do in the US and what would be needed to BE qualified), doing some sightseeing, giving some training on recovery techniques and going to a gunrange. Best trip I've had in a long time, and it didn't cost me a dime! (Except for the gunrange, that got a bit expensive... but FUN!)

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