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One day I happened to be in the computer room that housed a similar-sized pile of systems: a VAXcluster, some standalone VAXes, MicroVAXes and a pair of PDP11's, all with their disks and tapes, when the aircon failed. The first thing I noticed was the computer room sound changing, with a low rumble now being absent. About three seconds later I realised that "FSCK! The aircon's gone out!", followed by a dash out the door to the sysadmin pen. Then back to the console room with four sysadmins in tow. The head honcho decided that "this, this and that machine HAVE to stay up, that comms rack too, shut down the rest, then power down all the disks except those, those and that other one. You (pointing to two colleagues) round up all the fans from the offices and bring them here. Keep the computer room doors open. GO!"

We managed to shut the lot down before any of the overtemp safeties triggered.

Given the multitude of RA81's and 82's present I expected at least a dozen casualties there, but over the next two weeks we only had three failed HDAs (70-18491-01), and one microprocessor module a couple of weeks later.

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