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Are you sure there are servers in this cold, dark basement?

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Oh, the 'call', from a financial company (legal loan sharks)

'We need you here right now, our RAID has failed and nobody can log in'

'OK, which server?'

'We don't know, but can you come and look for us anyway, bring some disks'

'OK, no problem, I'll look and see what you've got listed and bring a few but if it's died then it might not just be a disk'

So, on arrival, I find eleven HP DL380 servers and a pair of MSA1000 storage arrays, all flashing merrily with every amber light.

And not a single hard drive in any of them.

And no backup tapes, or tape drives.

Somewhere in the region of 80 72GB Ultra 320 SCSI disks.

Turns out the 'IT' manager had got a bit miffed at being sacked and had stolen the lot.

From three different sites.

Or the other one, where the first on call guy had thought it was a good idea to 'Initialise' the EVA5000 because it wouldn't come back online and present volumes.

The fully loaded one for the prestigious client who's name I can't even hint at for legal reasons.

Or the major client who had relocated their own data centre and managed to connect the disk shelves incorrectly and overwrite the metadata on the array for 3000 plus users' Exchange store because the IT manager thought 'changed configuration' was OK to accept...

All in a day's work. Full, 24 hour day's worth of work.

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