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Glass is not meant to be bendy

I'm pretty sure that bending anything made out of glass is not a good idea. The bend tests done in the lab don't duplicate real life very well, so just because the glass on a particular phone didn't break in that test doesn't really mean anything. You could bend it a slightly different way and the glass may shatter.

Sticking a big (and expensive) phone in your trouser pocket is inherently not "safe". I wouldn't think it was a good idea to walk around with a glass drinking glass in my pocket and sit on it, so why would would I think that a big sheet of display glass would be indestructible or safe?

Really, I have to wonder whether any of these large smart phones are actually fit for purpose as "mobile phones". If you want to carry a phone in your pocket and not have to worry about it breaking, one of the cheaper models is a safer bet. They tend to be smaller, thicker (and so inherently stronger), and the really cheap ones have a sheet of plastic as the window over the screen. And if you do break it, you're not going to cry over the money you lost.

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