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Voda UK CEO says one thing about not-spots, Minister of Fun says another

Adam Jarvis

Its about time 2G was dropped from coverage maps / statistics.

Ofcom should force all operators to only describe coverage in 3G and 4G terms. 2G coverage is all but irrelevant and useless and used by operators to make data coverage look better than it actually is.

O2 2G data coverage checker in Wales (for instance) masks the sheer lack of any 3G/4G outside of Cardiff and Swansea. The trouble with Ofcom / Gov is that they are complicit with operators in trying to make it appear their joint polices - so called 'competition' aren't the failure they really are.

I'd like to see Government temporary/permanent 'not-spot' masks, and each call / piece of 3G data fed through these, results in a fine for the said operator, for failing to build infrastructure to cover that area. If operators have customers in those areas they should be operating a full 3G/4G service, equally to all its customers.

If not, 'fine revenue' should be used to build one. The UK need coverage, not just population coverage. The operators can then decide to either pay the ongoing fines or build a mast (subject to planning).

I recently took the train from Bristol Temple Meads to Birmingham, and pretty much the only time I could use mobile data on EE (ipad) was the last 15 minutes into Birmingham, to say the signal was intermittant is an understatement. Yes, it was ocasionally there on route, but for a matter of 30 secs or so, while the mast came into and went out of view - useless.

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