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If they want to fight this in the name of privacy, to get maybe some fuel for better privacy laws, then I'm all for it. However, this shit has been going on since before the invention of the computer, so getting a company to try and sell you more shit via e-mail or snail mail is just another day.

"In short, you're still screwed..." Trust me, if PhoneShack RadioShack is involved at all, I already know I'm screwed. About ten years ago one of their "agents" tried to sell me a phone. I said no. Then he tried selling one to my underage son. The little bitch flinched before I wised up and knew I was on camera (I saw RED). However, what I didn't know until later was that what he just attempted was technically solicitation of a minor, and I could of sued the branch. If I wasn't so infuriated I probably would of realized that sooner. So, if something like that happens to you, keep your wits about you, don't wind up like me by going cave man and miss the obvious blow that will land harder than your fist (I'm actually getting pissed right now remembering it :-/ )

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