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If a person has a hammer or tools, they are allowed to register a business, with no regard to how many other people there are out there doing the same thing.

Re-reading that... Actually, no, you can't. In order to register a business as a carpenter, for example, you need to be a Schreinergesseler, until you have this qualification, you can't start a carpentry business.

Likewise, if you want to open a car repair workshop, you need to have completed both your apprenticeship as an auto mechanic and also studied for your "Meisterbreif" (Master Craftsman's Diploma). Without the Meisterbrief you cannot run a business in that profession - this goes for most professions. Some modern professions, such as computer programmer don't have the equivalent of a Meisterbrief.

Even if somebody dies and leaves you a business, you cannot run that business without a Meisterbrief - for example, if your father ran a butcher's shop and died, unless you had a Butcher's Meisterbrief, you could not run the family business - you would have to hire a Meister until such time as you have completed your Meisterbrief - depending on whether you have already completed the apprenticeship, that could be between 3 and 6 years.

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