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Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy

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Big Brother

Not their finest hour, I'm sure. But broadcasting it on national tv is lower than low.

Is this what we have become as a nation? Titillation at others expense, so we can maybe feel a little bit of righteousness in our otherwise pathetic little lives? When I was nearly murdered, the police laughed at me for suggesting maybe, just maybe they could have a look at the cctv. 'Piss off' they said. 'You're not rich or famous, go away'. I paraphrase, of course, but that was the general gist.

That's point one - that isn't what cctv is for. It is for catching criminals who 'really' break the social contract. These fuckwits are hardly a shining example of humanity, but they got their punishment enough without it being open season on them for national ridicule.

Point two is this - what the chuff is TV meant to be for? For showing the misfortune of others so we can revel in it? Feel superior? Talk about dumbing it all down!

A good few years ago when I was just getting into computer programming and had the bug real bad, I lived without a tv. But I went around a mate's house who was having a bit of a private party and everyone was dropping ecstasy. So, you know, always hating to the party pooper...

However, I ended up watching this absolutely amazing program on television about computer programming through the ages. Starting off with Ada Lovelace and going through the decades, to the time when it was mainly women (coz men had little patience for the job) who actually hard coded the binary into machine instructions for the processors to be able to do all that adding up and subtracting malarkey. I was thoroughly fascinated, not least because I was attempting to learn assembler at the time as well. Not only had I learned something that I didn't know before, of historical importance, but I also understood how much I had learned and truly understood at a fundemental level with how computers actually work. I also learned things that I didn't understand at all. It was an amazing education. All crammed into an hour or so.

My mates tried to tempt me with more apples from the tree and to come and join the party in the other room, but I was awestruck with wonder at what I had just experienced. Why is there no channel dedicated to this on TV? I wondered. Why isn't this shit on all the time. Why is it always that odious eastenders with their petty spites and vindictivness, the least amongst us, raised to the level of something to look up to in society. Mmm...

That was one program. We could have stuff like that on all the time. There is a market for hungry minds out there. But no, you have to pay for that. You have to get 30,000 quid into debt for a degree that will never get you a job and won't even tell you half of what you just learned in that hour. You can't be having knowledge for free.

Which is a shame, because it would work. People would pay good money for that kind of quality. Yes, it would take talented and dedicated people to create it. But that would mean jobs, and meaningful ones at that for many people who work in IT. Who study the history of it, who really try to understand it on a fundemental level and not just to become another wage monkey one slip of the tongue to the boss away from not being able to pay his mortgage.

We have had it all in the last century or so. And we have squandered it. We have pissed it all away. Far worse than some silly drunk in a lift, who is the object for the daily hate on the panopticon. Well, you know what I mean.

Some of us would like to better ourselves. Some of us have really really struggled to do that. And we ended up failing. Some of us. We could have used a little help along the way. But some of us didn't get it. Some of us have a deep deep sense of what is important and what is right though. And this girl and her boyfriend being pilloried and put in the 21st Century equivalent of the stocks for us all to throw rotten fruit and vegetables at, will not enrich my life any further. Or those of a young lad or lass who has a deep passion and commitment to learning. To being taught by those who have a deep passion for teaching. Now any man that goes into teaching is eyed with suspicion of being a pedo. Or one that can't do, so teaches. How very very wrong this society has things. How twisted people have become in their outlooks. You realise there's no easy path back from here now, don't you?

This is what we have become. I feel truly ashamed of my fellow man. People who piss in lifts may not be the greatest amongst us. But they aren' the least amongst us either. And btw, that is why ecstasy is illegal and shall remain illegal, because it gives people deep insights into things that are truly fucking dangerous for the powers that be. You will not be educated. You will not better yourself. And you will do as you are told. Don't get ideas above your station. And they wrap it all up in a big ball of double think of getting an education and 'bettering yourself'. Meanwhile, keep on tuning into channel 4 and get your kicks there. It was wrong what they did to those people in the lift. But not as wrong as what they do to society as a whole, diminishing us and debasing us further than those we think ourselves better than.

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