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The whole circumstance wasn't fantastic, and had to be done that way. The Android version was tested within an inch of it's life, so it was reasonable (for me anyway) to assume it would be fine on iOS as the same framework was used.

And the email thing had to happen as theres a specific condition in the app that would generate the email, it's actually the core function of the app.

But it's easy enough to insinuate that I'm relying on Apple to test my code before it's public - which isn't true. What I stated was that they don't test the apps at all. In my case the app was primarily a web app, so most of the heavy work was done by the server. But from my experience with this, I doubt Apple have any way to make sure the app is what I say it is and not some elaborate ruse to steal user information. And that is why it's concerning.

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