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"I think the point the original commentator was making is that the weather is North America can be very hard to predict. Ice and Snow can be hard for the human and could be impossible for the electronic driver."

Why would it be impossible for an electronic driver? Unless you can describe in detail situations no sensor would be able to see and where the only way one can survive intact is by instinct or even blind luck? The article notes being able to see through rain, and if snow is blinding, perhaps the prudent course a computer would take is to slow to a crawl or even stop (something humans are averse to doing).

The nightmare scenario I keep thinking about is rush hour in an overcrowded Asian city such as downtown Manila, where pedestrians and vehicles of all sorts are everywhere (including many where automation is impossible, like bicycles), road markings aren't really honored, and time is of the essence (perhaps because fuel is low).

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