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Clearly he lives in the US

I was working over there for a bit and found it immensely irritating that all their roads were straight, flat and had a speed limit on them that was only slightly faster than hopping.

If he was from Scotland or Geneva or... well, more or less anywhere that has interesting roads then there'd be no push for autonomous cars- plus a better appreciation for how difficult it actually is to drive when you've got things like "corners" to deal with. Have they tried these things on the road to Applecross or the Stelvio pass? How about Rome- can it deal with Italian drivers (answer: no, no it cannot. God Himself couldn't manage to drive through Rome without getting dented)? How about Johannesburg- could it operate the anti-carjacking flamethrower?

People have also mentioned that it needn't be autonomous all the time, that a person could take over. But if the car's driving itself then the driver will be watching movies or playing Candy Crush or drunk or just generally not paying attention. Even if you were warned that you might need to take the wheel soon, you'd lack the muscle memory to drive safely. So it /cannot/ rely on a human controlling it, ever.

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