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These are the sorts of problems computers are actually quite good at solving.

The sort of "damned if you, damned if you don't" scenario you propose could be avoided by first driving more safely, based on all available information.

Because if early warning road network and detection systems were configured properly, the car computer would already know about the accident (or potential accident) and have slowed down for evasive maneuvers.

As in:

Speeding objects on a collision course within the vehicle's safe braking distance are detected / predicted / suspected.

A distressed, soon to be immobile object (automobile) is decelerating rapidly or has undergone a collision.

Pedestrians detected in the upcoming vicinity should have already put the system into "vigilance" mode and slowed down the vehicle. Pedestrians are easy to hit/kill and sometimes don't pay attention when they walk into the road.

Done properly, you could even expect a nice smooth stop in the above case, not a gory accident.

A super intelligent system would use predictive logic and probability analysis to detect road accidents before they happen, and then behave accordingly.

Accidents are still physical, measurable events with moving objects, velocities, and outcomes even if humans can't process all available data and still crash

Even in the worst case, I guarantee you that a correctly programmed computer would resolve that split-second problem better than most humans, and would detect it earlier.

This is why Airbuses can still auto-pilot and auto-land, even when flying in desperate weather conditions, when a human pilot can barely hold onto his coffee cup.

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