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I wonder if FUD can be used to power the car?

Seriously, everyone seems to be so focused on the edge cases that they ignore the great deal of uncertainty in human driving is the other humans.

@earl grey : I had thought about this, and it seems that initially these cars will drive only where there are not *supposed* to be humans e.g. Motorways , large roads. Any person "jumping in front of a car"

will likely be arrested (or more likely) sent directly to hospital.

I have proposed this on El Reg before but I expect these cars will come with "manual" vs "auto" operating modes.

Specifically, if you are in "auto" mode and grab the wheel the car will try and do the absolute safest thing - stop or remove vehicle from traffic etc... More importantly, the insurance for the car will go from $30/mth to $3000/mth.

Hence, rich people will have cars that don't stop for humans in the road as they'll pay $3000/mth to have a chauffeur.

I'm all for the tech, but it is clearly dual-use...


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