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I think the point the original commentator was making is that the weather is North America can be very hard to predict. Ice and Snow can be hard for the human and could be impossible for the electronic driver.

Its not all about speed and driving style; although they are important. Does the vehicle have winter tyres? Are the roads cleared? Has the snow been polished at the intersection so you have to pull away very slowly otherwise you'll spin, and how will the car detect this when it is covered in fresh snow? In the summer your car may be able to easily get up a certain hill, in the winter the 5 cars in front of you may have polished the ice; how does the electronic car detect this?

My opinion is that there will be electronic zones for driving and non electronic zones. Combine this with a different driving license, where with one type, you can only only 'drive' a car in an electronic zone; and an advanced license that allows you to drive in a non electronic zone.

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