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> I want to see how these things behave in blinding rain. I want to see how these things behave when they hydroplane in blinding rain. I want to see how these things behave hitting a pothole at freeway speeds in blinding rain, and blowing a tire out. Those are things I have to face every summer.

Humans are spectacularly bad at driving in these kinds of conditions, as evidenced by the sharp increase in accidents when bad weather comes our way.

Most accidents in bad weather are caused by poor driving, such as driving too fast, not paying attention or driving too close to the car in front.

Once you've sorted out the basic logic and image processing, there's every reason to believe that computer driven cars would *far* exceed the capabilities of even the best drivers.

Given that humans can't see in all directions at the same time (like a computer car could) and even in infra-red or ultra-violet I really don't see the practical justification that automated cars wouldn't be *much* safer than their meaty alternatives.

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