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"As for duff kit and dirty sensors - I'd pretty much expect these vehicles to refuse to depart if they don't have a defined minimum set of kit available, and I'd expect them to take themselves off to be fixed or call for service when things do go awry."

I am not really talking about total sensor failure as I agree the car simply wouldn't allow you to move of if it had a problem like that, but what about the many occasions where some dirt or a frayed wire caused the sensor to appear to work fine to begin with but then randomly gave out duff signals when going over a bump or around a corner?

"I think the ownership model changes when self driving vehicles become commonplace. Why would you need to own one? In the main though, why own something that gets used for a tiny portion of the day?"

For all the same reasons people currently own cars. Not all people like the idea of leasing cars (it's why people don't all do it at the moment) and would prefer to own their car out right. The ownership model is exactly the same as with a conventional car, and people will be very unwilling to buy into a forced lease (BMW tried it with their Hydrogen cars, as did Honda with theirs, both cars were magnificent but the lease only model made people shy away from it)

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