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I agree things do go wrong, many humans have coughing fits, distractions around them meaning they avert their eyes (which have minimal redundancy for depth perception anyway), drive erratically due to moods, fall asleep at the wheel, drive when drunk, drive with the onset of dementia, and keep driving even when warning lights, banging sounds, etc suggest that they should stop.

These are all errosr/sensor faults that already happen. A self driving car will have redundancy for important sensors and (unlike humans) will fail safe - pulling over and waiting for a service vehicle to come along and fix the faulty sensor much to the annoyance of the passenger who would just have ignored it. They will never be 100% safe but the probability of the types of errors you describe happening and causing a catastrophic failure is going to be lower than the 'faults' that a proportion of human drivers repeatedly drive with.

As for servicing my bet is that in the short-medium term then either

a) you don't buy the car you hire with servicing and insurance included (as standard insurance companies will initially not insure it)

b) They will be full of DRM/require software being reset during the servicing meaning the only genuine parts at the genuine service station are capable to do it and we will pay through the roof for the privilege.

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