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> How, precisely, is Google scanning the Play Store going to affect the third party marketplaces?

Good point, but if you'll pardon me, an equally interesting question is:

How, precisely, is the fact that the third party marketplaces aren't scanning gonna affect Google Play's sales volume?

Seriously, why should Google care overmuch?

Can't say I am over-impressed with Google if I accept the main contention of this article, that being that they haven't been doing their homework very much on their own store.

Still, color me paranoid, but my Nexus was not rooted and it's only been getting the few apps that I do install from the Play Store. Precisely because my trust is fairly limited. I mean, even if you keep it to just your emails and contacts, that's a fair bit of sensitive stuff, innit?

It should be pretty obvious that installing random software from random sources can occasionally have random results. Anti-virus and malware scanners? Hah! How much have they actually helped in the wild? Take all the AV vendors for Macs - they get few native viruses to play with, but that's no guarantee that they will catch them if they do show up - quite the opposite in fact. They can just slap a "you're protected" message on your screen and collect your $. Remember the guy who had a fake AV on Android a while back?

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