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Google adds evil-code scanning to Play Store

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Anonymous Coward

I take it as an implication that Apple too has had problems on their site with their products, or a typo. I can say this though, as long as you advertise "free" the way Google does, the longer you invite free everything, the longer you get free good AND bad things (I know it's not really free, but a scammer really might see the "free" in it).

Considering how much I use the PlayStore for things I don't already know I want, I've never been too worried about this. I guess I should worry about it for other people, but I never signed up to be the Crossing Guard for all highways of the world, in this case that's Google's job. Whatever....moving on.

Also, I haven't seen a stupid Yank comment in a while, but maybe because I'm a Yank and too stupid to understand it? Hey, if you take enough chemicals in a life time, things do go unnoticed :-)

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