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BBC gives naked computers to kids (hmm, code for something?)

Rosie Davies

Hiya Dominic,

thank you for taking the time to reply. I don't really want to get into a shouting match, mainly because I am not a naturally a very shouty person, but...

I wonder why you think it won't work? As I said, it worked for me. I started on a VIC-20, progressed through a bare-bones Z80A based board that considered assembly a high-level language, can program in about a dozen different languages and now design large, complex systems for a living. Looking around me I see women who create performance test scripts and provide the analysis of where, and why systems aren't working as expected, manage (at various levels) other areas of test. A friend of mine (a woman) is studying for a Ph.D in particle physics and, until recently, worked at CERN.

Certainly in my case a deciding factor was that I was brought up without any expectations of what I should or shouldn't be interested in. Dad was an Engineer and encouraged all of us to build 'stuff' and certainly wouldn't have accepted "because I'm a girl, lol <rolls eyes>" as an excuse for not doing well in Maths or sciences. That's the bit about the comment in the article that prodded my grump button. It appears to suggest than unless you make it pretty girls won't be interested in it, which is a bit condescending really.

So far as girls saying "that's too hard"; those are the exact words that came out of my son's mouth when I asked why he was giving up Maths. Though I tend to put it down to a low-key form of teenage rebellion, especially as he started studying the classics and philosophy instead.


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