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"rather its prioritised PDP contexts with interactive QoS so its packets are more equal than other packets, all the way from the radio bearer through to the final point of interconnect."

Actually I've recently done some Tests on the Vodafone fixed line network in a country I do not want to name here, and I see no indication that they could run something as complicated as VoLTE.

In the real world Vodafone already struggles with their ISDN network. Even to a point where you have crosstalk between different ISDN voice channels. In their core network they seem to convert multiple times between TDM and ISDN, sometimes even using T.38 for Fax calls. This wouldn't be a problem, if their IP lines wouldn't be highly oversubscribed. So you have "packet loss" in your ISDN connection. Sometimes you even get a call translated from ISDN to IP (T.38) to IP (G.711) to ISDN, with the second IP line having packet loss.

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