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Why were lessons from Gateway not learned?

Reading The Register accounts of GOV.UK and GDS I am mildly confused.

As a worker on the Government Gateway project in the early 2000's I was both impressed and driven by the management team as well as my fellow colleagues. The project had been rescued from the original contractors after being a near disaster! The architecture was/is sound, the design and coding was robust and tight, and the Testing was probably the best I've seen on any software project. It was not exactly a 90-day implementation - more like 2-3 years - but still it was on time, on budget and a very successful software project I was proud to be involved in; albeit in a small way.

So what has happened? Why am I reading about disasters? Why have lessons not be learned? I still use Gateway as my template 10 years on for how a large project should be run. So I fail to understand why GDS & GOV.UK is such a mess - Gateway showed the way so why not follow it? Is it someones Ego or what?

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