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Actually, I own a MBP and an iphone, albeit they were both company gifts. I like my MBP, I would even consider buying one myself if only for the fact that is has lasted me longer (I tend to be tough on laptops, not Toughbook levels of tough but nonetheless) than most other laptops. The phone however is a different story. I also enjoy the free OS version upgrades.

What you are saying (with my limited understanding... Thanks for the personal attack, stay classy.) is because it has been hyped for 5 months as the "best smart watch" without being released of course, because who cares about empirical evidence when you have marketing? Has good "looks" which is totally subjective and after all it is another thin rectangle with rounded corners. Quality: a battery that at best guess real-world use lasts 18 hours and at worst as little as 3 hours although the glass quality seems decent. Last but far from least: Functionality... What does it do that a phone doesn't besides add a sensor package? $349 to save an insignificant amount of arm movement to pull the phone out of my pocket and use apps that have less functionality than their phone counterparts, check my pulse and how many steps I've taken... That isn't the intrinsic value I would be looking for and I would guess most of those features will go unused by owners once the wow factor wears off. Hats off to the engineers for board design but it is more a gadget than a tool then again most smart watches are.

Also nice job inferring that all of Apple's competitors (the ones who have actually released smart watch products to market) are low quality poseurs, That is certainly the way to convince people of product superiority and remind them of that humility Apple and it's userbase is known for. Odd that Apple users don't quite like it when someone uses their tactics to criticize them.


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