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Re: @DougS Seems odd to limit access to HBO Now.

I can pretty much guarantee it is going that way. People think cord cutting and dropping cable/satellite subscriptions will save them money and they can still watch the shows they want. Content producers are not going to sit still and let their incomes be reduced.

House of Cards is the tip of the iceberg, Amazon is reportedly developing exclusive content and I wouldn't be surprised if Apple does something like that for iTunes someday, and Google as well. Maybe Sony will put some Sony exclusive content on the PS4. Having content limited to a particular device may not be a big deal - if you had to have a Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and maybe one or two other things that adds up to a few hundred dollars at most and no monthly fees for the hardware. If there is content that requires a PS4 or a Samsung smart TV then it'll be too bad for a lot of people who won't get to see it, but if Sony or Samsung produced the content they would be able to do that if they wanted.

What's going to kill you is if in order to watch the programming you want, you need a subscription to HBO's online offering, Sling TV to get AMC and ESPN, Hulu Plus for network programming, Netflix for House of Cards and movies, Amazon for their exclusives and the movies they have to rights that to Netflix and HBO do not, iTunes to get Apple's exclusives. That's the "ala carte" offering everyone thought they wanted to free them from cable bundles, but they'll end up paying the same. If you want to save money you're going to have to give up some stuff, and not know what people are talking about when they discuss Game of Thrones or House of Cards or whatever.

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