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You'd be surprised!

From the main sources we have: 1.65" X 1.5" for the thicker of the two. So let's assume a surface of 2 square inches to plate (being generous as we have non-flat components to plate).

Also, let's be extremely generous and assume a tough wearing 10 micron thickness of plating (anything beyond 7 micron is suitable for hard wearing, oft-used jewellery that should last decades).

Finally, looking up the latest price let's generously assume $1200 per troy ounce.

Considering each micron costs around a dollar, the 10 micron thickness costs around a tenner.

Now, the proper jewellery type steels used (316L, 904L) can be had at up to $5k per tonne.

From the above you can assume that the thing is priced highly but costs nowhere near that.

And to close the pedantry full circle; at $10k that would be just over 8oz (250gr) in gold so unless the Apple thingy weighs more than that; then it's worth/sold at more than it's weight in gold.

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