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if you're quick you can see the posts before they're pulled. There have been very few childish ones

some examples


27 Minutes ago

Apple have just brought out their competitor in the smart watch market.

It is acceptable for the BBC to carry out a critical analysis of this product, comparing it with others on the market, but RCJ's article reads more like a press release designed to stimulate interest and raise demand.

It raises serious issues about the BBC's editorial standards and it's impartiality.

12 Minutes ago

@385 123BillyB

"the blog host" is the BBC, surely. RCJ is just the writer, and is subject to BBC editorial processes and reviews in much the same way as HYS posters like you and I are subject to moderation.

Given the sustained criticism here it would be reassuring to read a response from RCJ and the BBC that addresses the concerns raised. Removing our comments only makes it worse.

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