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Apple Watch: Wait a minute! This puny wrist-puter costs 17 GRAND?!

Christopher Lane

Worth it's weight in Gold....

...seriously, can someone do the math and work out the $/oz value of the gold used in the "sell a kidney" expensive Watch? Also, purely from a materials point of view, the value of the aluminium in the iPhone 6 compared to the Watch Sport. They are the same price(ish dependant on iPhone variant etc etc), however the watch cannot do anything past tell the time without an iPhone, the Sport variant can't be worn whilst swimming, it has no internal storage (could be wrong but a quick peruse of the Watch sub-site didn't reveal any detail) and judging by the difference in the prices, some straps account for $400 for the 38mm steel link compared to the elastomer. Hell, even the bog standard leather strap with classic buckle (which has been in use since the Romans so yes, Classic is probably quite descriptive) is $100 more the elastomer band! We are approaching Rolex levels here!

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