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"Weren't Apple the ones who soldered in an SSD?"

Yep. I had to buy a Mac about two weeks ago so I could continue developing iOS apps. Up until then I had a 2006 MacBook which I had upgraded the RAM and HD of to be able to run Mountain Lion (10.8). I couldn't get Mavericks to run on it, so I had to bite the bullet and purchase a new system.

I ended up with a MacMini, the mid range one, and I feel absolutely used. I have, willingly, bought a machine that I can upgrade the HD on. That's it. I can't upgrade the RAM, it's soldered on. I can't upgrade the CPU, it's soldered on. And, although I don't believe it, I am stuck with this configuration for the rest of time. I can't give it back to Apple and ask for more RAM. This is what the bloke in the shop told me, but again I doubt this.

During this time I looked at the MacBook Air's, and he told me they were the same. No user serviceable parts, everything soldered.

F**k you Apple.

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