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"How innovative."

To be fair, it is innovative since nobody else has designed such a thin light laptop yet, and everyone else is reducing the price of their laptops. The expense of a device isn't always linked to spec, sometimes it's the fact that the device fulfils a requirement which people are willing to pay for. Anyone who carries a laptop around the city will be glad of thin and light, allowing a smaller bag. The fact that it lasts a full working day on one charge is nice too so you can leave the charger at the office or at home - I never take my rMBP charger to work with me and that has similar battery life. As for ports, they've been right most other times they ditched things. Floppy drive, CD drive, serial ports, the list goes on and they were usually the first to jump with very few users missing the old stuff. Even the processor is fine for most work done by most people. My 800MHz Duron with 512MB memory will still run Office just fine and display the Internet, photos and videos and that covers most non techies just fine.

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