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Another scenario...

I'm sitting in Starbucks rocking a latte and my new MacBook. Father's trust fund and 'careful' tax planning has meant I've never had to do a day's work in my whole life. My two best friends, next to me, Joshi and Clarabellabella are also trustifarians, also do fuck all and also have new MacBooks. I keep forgetting to charge mine up since the battery first ran out, I've lost the mains cable somewhere on Daddy's boat and the screen isn't working or something. Anyway it's all black, and I'm sure it wasn't like that earlier when I WhatsApp'd Harmonieh in Marrakech. She too was in a Starbucks, photoing her latte.

I'll have another coffee and use my iPhone to upload a clip of it to whatever social site my tribe mindlessly worships this week. I'll buy another MacBook next week maybe and see if that one does stuff. I'll leave this one on the chair next to me, and five minutes after leaving Starbucks, I'll have forgotten I ever owned it.

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