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Agile/Scrum becomes the cuckoo in the team's nest

So much time, money and sweat goes in to Agile/Scrumming that everyone gets too fatigued to do the real work of keeping the effort properly guided. "Real" leadership is crowded out. I've never seen Agile/Scrum consume less than 20% of a team's time. That may be an understatement too. In this article and elsewhere it has been widely commented that if stand-up happens at 10am, everyone's "flow" is utterly ruined thru the whole morning. You might end up diluting your resources by half!?! I've noticed an uncanny trend, that "where Scrum is, real software project management isn't". The Scrum rubric actually alludes to this, something like "Now you have a scrum-master, you don't need a project manager anymore", which is demonstrably nonsense.

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