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I disagree somewhat with your conclusion there...

I'd be interested in a quick straw-poll of the commentators on here to see how many have actually used Apple Pay.

I'd be willing to wager I'm one of the few. I use Wells Fargo for my main credit/debit cards. When I got an iPhone 6 (in the UK incidentally), part of the setup noticed that the cards were iPay compatible, and would I like to use them. Once I'd done that I got an email from Wells Fargo telling me that someone had asked to add them to an Apple ID for use with iPay (I forget if it included the account details/phone #, but I'm due a new credit card soon, so I'll report back if I remember). I had to sign into the online banking, and run through additional security procedures before Wells Fargo would authorize the cards to be used with my iPhone (more than just the username/password to get into the online banking). Because the wife hadn't used her online banking in a long time, the bank actually insisted that she called up

Another thought too, they'd have to be a fairly well heeled criminal to do this, as I'm sure if the transactions were flagged as suspect, then you'd lose the apple account and (one would assume) the iPhone attached to it...

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