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We just

got a windows 8.1 laptop to replace the ancient and nearly dead laptop we use around the factory

I've had to use it for 30 mins (in 2 shorter stints) trying to configure it to run the DNC comms package we use to talk to the machines

And after the 2nd stint I dearly wanted to rip out its hard drive and nuke it in the microwave to hopefully get rid of the abomination that is windows 8.

Even the jumps from XP to vista to win7 are'nt as bad, and to be perfectly honest, I'm experimenting with CentOS 6 on a laptop running Xp in a VM with access to the USB ports for the USB to serial converter we use as a better solution.

Plus the CAD/CAM package we use wont run on windows 8 and I cant face the propect of trying to find setting buried deeply in the OS that may or may not allow the programs to run.

Oh and if win10 is anything like win 8, we're going Linux throughout.

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