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I bought mine too, but I don't consider that investment cost from 13 years ago to be worth continuing to try to get value from VS the risk of what I may or may not be exposed to by continuing to run XP Pro. For me, it seems a daft gamble to take and I'd sooner take the supported path that (at least in principle) steers me away from as much of the nasty stuff as possible.

Guess it depends on your perception of value, doesn't it? Is that buy-in cost from so long ago worth the myriad hassles from the box getting owned? You might think so and that's fine, but it wouldn't be my choice. Consequences mean different things to different people, I suppose. I've a friend who continues to use it and accepts the risks purely because she 'doesn't like change'. And that's OK - she's made a risk assessment that works for her and the idea of learning some slightly new stuff is so abhorrent to her that she'd rather suck up the insecurity and not think about it. Not good, but it's fundamentally her decision.

For home use, it comes down to how much of a risk you are willing to take. I'm not the type of person that likes to take risks and so I saw moving on as a mitigation thing. For me, the work involved now in patching XP (to a limited extent I must add) using the EPOS fiddle, drivers for new hardware, finding apps that still work and will *continue* to be supported (vital continuity for me)...nah.

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