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>>This is really interesting. Why? Because the state of actual security of Android in the wild is atrocious.

This is doubly interesting.

I know what tune exactly you're humming, h4rmony, yet let me kindly ask your definition of the security in the wild? There is a virus/trojan in the lab or wild receptively. Never heard about "security in the wild", though.

Or is it a number of Android apps lurking "in the wild" awaiting for users' installation? The statistics of bad wares is meticulously conducted by many AV vendors and reflected in the press, not that it goes very well with my own "local" experience...

If that was the atrocity you're talking about, why didn't you say a word in all of the previous posts about the Windows viruses/trojans atrocious "security in the wild"?

Even if one discounts viruses, those two atrocities beg to differ quite much though, IMHM.

1) How do you prevent installing a trojaned application? On Windows -- by using an AV (recommended by Microsoft) often after the installation. On Android -- by analyzing the transparent apps permissions before the installation.

2) The destructive capabilities of an app. On Windows, the installer does not mandate running it as a separate user and usually ends up running as a current user or admin. Android's installer creates a new user for the app, effectively separating the apps away from all other apps and processes.

3) Third is my experience of not having met a single Windows user that had no malware problem (in the past at least) and likewise, never seeing an Android user that had installed a trojaned app once.

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