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Ye Gods these comments boards make me cringe sometimes! Yes, Microsoft were evil, and yes they're trying to be much better now almost certainly because they're forced to be, because they're not the dominant force they once were. I really don't care! If they're building a new rendering engine that is fully standards compliant, great! If you don't like it, fine, don't use it. However, IF it works better than the competition then I for one just might. At the point in time where someone else makes an even better one, I'll move off onto that one. And you can take your damned quasi-religious browser bigotry and stuff it up your fat pimply arses!

If anyone thinks for a second that Google/Apple/Name-Your-Wannabe-Monopolist-Of-Choice wouldn't be just as crappy and evil as Microsoft were given the same market dominance then you've got a lot more faith in human nature than me. They're all (potential) scum, now just treat each product on it's own merits at any given point in time. If it works well - and if it's properly standards-compliant so you have an exit strategy! - use it. If it doesn't, use something else. Keep 'em competing hard with each other and we'll get better products all round. Let one product or company win and you'll end up with IE6 - albeit one built by Google/Apple/Whoever.

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