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"More buggy" maybe, but I seem to spend less time fighting it and having to fix things on it when it breaks.

A Windows license is ~$200. A day's work for me is about $250. Therefore over the course of a year, I can afford to spend a day fixing problems on Linux or spend a day's pay on a Windows license and still break even either way.

However, we know Windows is not the trouble-free experience they tout it to be, I'm more likely to spend at least a day of my time just waiting for the usual "Applying Updates, do not turn off" messages, the usual hassling that I need to reboot for an update to take effect, searching around for the exact driver, troubleshooting obscure registry problems, fending off malware, etc.

Spending an extra day of my time and keeping money in my pocket to pay for food, housing, electricity and computing hardware doesn't seem like such a bad deal now does it?

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