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Trolls prevail because good men do nothing: boffins

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I'm upvoting you for being on target. The researchers really have no clue....

"A nice beating"....? Yeah that works if and only IF you are able to take them on either in the online forum or face to face. Face to face is very risky as many trolls/stalkers really feel the will win and intimidation is part of their game. Online usually requires a strong moderating team or the ability to block the abuser.

The biggest advantage any troll/stalker has is "fear" in his victim and the observers. People are afraid to intervene and many times even stand up the troll. Ever see how many people walk away from a situation in a bar? At work? On the street? Fear playing into the hands of the troll/stalker. Works that way online also.

They also seem to believe that laws and rules don't apply to them which is probably a big part of the problem.

I was a moderator on several forums for many years and talking to them does no good. They always feel they have a right to be asses. The only solution is banning them from the forum. Generally, my observation is that social media does zilch in policing their users as they need every body they can get for ad income.

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