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Twisted people, twisted lies

As far as the report is concerned, how do you fight a fire that twists words and half-truths in to something which is complete bullshit, but yet still reads like it's valid? I've spent the last half hour to try and find an article over how the gamergate trolling has been going; the court documents saying one thing in support of Quinn, and the trolls making it look like Quinn's leading the court!

Ignoring trolls is the only thing you can do, or else you get drawn in to so much he-said-she-said crap that your life can end up being lived trying to defend yourself against a pack of lies. What's the point? It is a fight that you can not win and will drive you to destruction.

I mean ... really ... what was the point of this so-called research? What do they hope to achieve? If it was stating the patently obvious, then ten out of ten.

Sorry, I'm angry now, but .. gah.

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