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Welll that's a stupid report...

...with a dumb ass conclusion.

As a victim of on-line abuse, there's nothing I CAN do to stop it. Even the Police, when given proof of what would be a section 2 offence when committed in the street, verbally, WON'T do anything. And the abuser is also in the same country as me.

In order to get sufficient information from Facebook, Google, et al, they need a court order, and to get that, the abuser has to literally turn up on my doorstep before a judge will issue one.

The victim is POWERLESS. Even the authorities are powerless. I was crying on the phone to a Sussex police officer last month, as he explained to me just how poorly resourced they are and that the big corporations just won't help unless their arms are literally pulled up their backs.

I read on-line of one, single tweet landing someone in jail, and yet this bastard comes after me, slanders me on social media, etc. and he is free to continue.

I do wonder if the police have been hoist by their own petard; that if they hadn't screwed up the public trust in them, that getting lower level data might be easier; and the levels of abuse might drop if they started being able to actually prosecute people ... something has got to change. We can't carry on like this. I did forward my idea on how to control this to some of the political parties, but no one has got back to me, so I'll just continue to suffer ... as usual ... whenever this bastard decides to fire another barrage of vile crap in my direction.

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