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"I dunno. You could try not stealing stuff? And paying for what you use?"

Okie dokie Doctor Jones! Here are my requirements, hold onto your potatoes!

- Linux support, or standard video files that xine can play (at a minimum your client needs to support LIRC, and I need a phone number I can call for support if your client doesn't work properly).

- I need to be able to download the whole movie and re-watch it an infinite number of times. I would use hundreds of gigabytes per year just from re-watching Star Wars. Either that or you'll need to subsidise my bandwidth.

- Needs to be easier and more reliable than going to TPB or JB Hi-fi. Needs to include any obscure thing I might want to watch, like full frontal, the curiosity show, or a TISM concert.

- Price needs to be MUCH lower than buying the DVDs.

So if you can just let me know a place that fills my requirements I'll start paying for what I see IMMEDIATELY.

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