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Government as a Platform

Government as a Platform will fail.

Big time. Not agency big. Not department big. Government big.

The arrogance induced blindness has led these cultists to believe their own propaganda. They can't see that the very thing they were fighting - big complex IT projects - is exactly what they think they can get right.

When - not if, when they screw this up two things will happen. One - everything will get fked. We'll evacuate the UK to somewhere where the non-Digital IT actually works well enough. Two - the cultists and their diesel-powered commsn machine will keep putting out spin that it is all just fine. Like Universal Credit.

Newton's First Law of IT - big shit fails big time.

Netwon's Second Law of IT - humans, even GDS contractors, can only do shit up to a certain size before it goes shit. That size is pretty small.

Newton's Third Law of IT - it's never the contractors fault. By definition. Plus they won't be around to clean the shit off the walls.

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