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The dog ate my homework

It wasn’t me:

How many times have you loaned your car to a friend, only to have him use it to rob a bunch of banks while wearing a mask that looks remarkably similar to your face -- too many times to count, probably. And then when the police come knocking at your door to ask you about some crimes, you say, "No, it was my friend wearing a mask that looks just like me." Then the cops are like "Whoa, sorry to bother you!" and they leave.

There actually needs to be something specific in the law saying that if you set up a wifi communication network, then you are fully responsible if anyone is able to use it to copy IP. Ignorance of how to secure your network, or how to prevent your children from accessing certain websites cannot be allowed as a defense unfortunately.

But then there arises a bear trap. What if a 14 year old uses his pocket money to buy a prepay mobile sim with a few GBs of data downloads and goes ahead downloading the latests pop songs. Is the parent responsible in that case??

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