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I have received maybe 30-40 notices, from a "vibole on Viacom's" behalf ...

NOT a File they have accused me of downloading of exists here, all shows I have never seen or in infant kids, foreign languages, some Online TV shows, which later I found are on youtube,..

It only happens if I Connect to a ed2k server, server get shared REQUESTS on network, it confuses brain dead software see my PC as network client supporting others in network by relaying REQUESTS & they send you a notice, So don't stay connected to a server, do a search, leave, but if if that works, it works for ALL, so the real "problem" is missed, cause their IP P2P Detective software is crap ...

I think answer is, for the Government to Setup & Operate, a licensing Fee Collection Service, linked to a "PayPal" like account, that uses BitTorrent ED2K & Others to collect Appropriate Fees to Copywrite Works, by giving say Copywrite 90% & Net Tax/admin 10%, they would more money in studio coffers, USE the EXISTING networks, no need for huge centralized Servers to stream hi speed content, and infrastructure to support it being so "Critical" & maybe a revenue stream thru Tax/admin & it saving money in enforcement, detection, P2P using less Network Resources ....

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